Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Week 7

This week has been really good.

Earlier this week I got a package in the mail from my dad that contained his Armor of God medallion. Dad told me he had been praying and felt prompted to send it to me to give to D~. Later that same day me and Elder Bushman went over to teach and visit with D~. He has been doing really well and has been sober for 12 days, and has been reading the Book of Mormon every day. While we were visiting I felt prompted to read Ephesians 6:11-18 to him, where Paul writes about taking up and wearing the whole Armor of God. 

After we finished reading the scriptures to him I pulled out the medallion and told him that I had received it in the mail from my Father and that he felt prompted by the Holy Ghost to send it to me, so I could give it to him. A light filled his eyes and he stood up and looked at the medallion. I explained to him the way my father felt it would help him, that he should wear it every day, and that if he ever felt tempted to drink that he would grasp the necklace and remember that he is wearing the Armor of God.

As of yesterday D~ is currently reading in 2 Nephi 10. I guess I should mention D~ is a Great Grandson of the Sac and Fox War Chief, and has a lot of Indian heritage. We explained to him that we believe his ancestors were descendants of the Nephites and Lamanites. Since we told him that, he has been studying and reading the Book of Mormon. Recently he showed me and Elder Bushman a painting he found on the Internet of Joesph Smith preaching to the Sac and Fox Indians.

He told us what he had found out about the painting; that Joesph Smith went to the Sac and Fox Tribe and told them of a book that was written by their ancestors which documents the teaching of the Great White Spirit. Joesph Smith even had a translated version that was written in the Sac language.
D~ is doing really well and he even came to the ward Halloween festivities. Sorry that I don't have a picture of him yet. He had to leave before we took our group picture.

Gleave, Bushman, Me, and Moore
Me with a member's 7 day old Boston terrier puppy
A member's film camera collection

Things are going good and I'm sorry that I'm going to have to cut this short, but I'm out of email time. Happy Halloween!

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