Monday, June 30, 2014

Endurance and Perseveran​ce (Week 41)

This week has been good but it's still been a huge struggle for me. I'm feeling much better temporally, I'm no longer sick and I love food again, ha ha.

Even though it's been a long hard week, we have still seen the miracles.

First, B got baptized in Paul's Valley! President gave us permission to leave after sacrament to go to it. It was a pretty stressful day (we gave talks in sacrament meeting and had to leave right after so we could make it to the baptism on time and we couldn't be late because I had to give a talk on baptism, and on top of it all I was fasting) but it all worked out and I saw the blessings from it.

We got to the baptism a little late but it went well. B was the investigator me, Elder Memmott and Elder Durham taught in Sulphur. She is 80 years old and lives with her daughter who is a convert of 14 years. B has been investigating the church ever since her daughter was baptized in New York. She has come a long way. It was quite a spiritual experience and a unique one at that. It really made me ponder deeply about faith. I don't think anyone knew that B was scared of water until she stepped into the font. It took her 3 minutes to get down the steps into the font. She was terrified of the water. Elder Durham got her to the floor but could not get her to lean back. Eventually, it took Elder Memmott to get in to help, and even then it wasn't enough to overcome her fear. They tried different ideas, but she still wouldn't go down. All of the primary children leaned forward in suspense. Finally, after comfort and the elders reassuring their hold, she had the trust to fall and the elders raised her up and she came out of the water a new person. It was quite amazing and the spirit taught me how much we need to trust the Lord to overcome our fears. It's just what my eyes needed to see.

Later that same day, after I had broken my fast, we went out teaching with a member of the bishopric. The first potential investigator we tried let us right in and we taught the amazing message of the restoration. She listened intently, it was probably one of the best restorations I've taught in a long time. My tongue was loosed and my heart testified. She accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon and accepted the invitation to be baptized. We walked away from that lesson with joy in our hearts. After that we went over and watched the prophet of the restoration with our African American investigator.  He told us that "he had his first testimony today." HUH? What happened? I finally found my keys (they had been missing for a week and a half) Ten minutes after I read from the Book of Mormon. WHA?! Yeah it was nuts. It was the first time that he read since he last saw us. It was pretty cool. He said he just randomly found them in the weirdest spot, and he wasn't even looking for them. Crazy stuff! After we watched the video he said to us, "You know the date we set for me to get baptized?" me and my companion glance at each other and said, "Yeah?" He smiled and nodded his head, "It's happening".


Anyways that's enough for this week. Thank you for all the emails and love! I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week. Look at all the small blessings and there you will find joy.

Sincerely, Elder Watkins

The Baptism of B~

Everything looks the same in Sulphur

Monday, June 23, 2014

A Hard Week Makes A Stronger Missionary (Week 40)

This week has been a rough one but I've learned so much from it.

This whole week individual stress has piled up on me and my companion, and on Thursday around 4 am we got super sick with food poisoning. It was terrible. This whole week Satan has been kicking us and trying to get us to fail and Its been a struggle, but the Lord is on our side and we are staying strong! Not today Satan!

We had an awesome lesson with R~ this week. It was crazy - a member called us to go out teaching with us. Haha this ward is on fire. We taught him the commandment follow the prophet. We read 1st Nephi chapter 1 with him and helped him better understand the Book of Mormon and that by reading the words of the ancient prophets we can learn and grow in the gospel. Is was awesome, brother Rc~ (The member that called to come out with us) bore the most powerful testimony, that touched all of us. I am starting to notice a spark in R~ and he is starting to really recognize the spirit. Him and his wife are going to be working on praying together as a couple every night.

On Saturday we helped R~ with remodeling his bathroom. Haha it was pretty fun. We tore out the toilet and broke up all of the remaining tile. After we had scraped the cement clean we mortared the ground and started to lay the tile. It was pretty tricky because we all had to work as a team. We had to offset the tiles (6 x 18 inch plank tiles), so we had to cut the end tiles in half and make exact
measurements so that there wouldn't be any awkward spaces. I wish I took a picture of the finished floor, but I'll get one next week and send it to you.

Me and my companion are super pumped to go to Bv and Em's baptism in Paul's Valley on Sunday (hopefully it doesn't get pushed back). Super excited!

Sorry this letter is so short this week. Thank you so much for your love and encouragement! It has helped me a lot this week!

Sincerely, Elder Watkins

Monday, June 16, 2014

Mustang (Week 39)

Last Wednesday was transfers and I met my new companion Elder Garner. He's from South Jordan Utah and came out on his mission after a semester at BYU. He's awesome! Also at transfers I talked to Elder Jenkins (my second companion in Shawnee, who is still there), and he told me that one of our old investigators is getting baptized, C.S!

First let me tell you about my new area it's amazing! Paradise I tell you. So blessed.
  1. Our dinner calender is full for the whole week 
  2. Our Ward is full of young active families (Vivint Technicians/Salesmen) that are eager to do missionary work. four of our investigators are member referrals.
  3. A week before transfers the area got a brand new apartment, in Elder Garners words: "A five star hotel."
  4. We are in a bike area but members give us rides and go out teaching with us.
  5. We have a ward mission leader that is active, and very good with involving the ward members in the work.
This area is awesome!

night we called the mission president about the baptism in Shawnee for C.S and we got approved to go!

C.S's story is pretty cool. On a Sunday before church during my first transfer we were outside greeting members as they walked into the church, when we notice a young man sitting in his van that we didn't recognize. We went up and talked to him and he introduce himself as C.S. He told us that he was a non-member and he was interested in our church (he knew a cute Mormon girl). We invited him in and he joined us for Sacrament meeting. After that we didn't see him for two months until we ran into him at Braum's (restaurant). Me and Elder Jenkins asked him if he would like us to share a message with him about the restoration of the Jesus Christ's gospel. He told us he could after he got off work. We met him at the church and shared the message of the restoration with him. He expressed to us his sincere desire to investigate the church. His parents were hostile Pentecostals so he wanted our visits to be in private. We met with him one more time and shared with him the plan of salvation, but after that things got busy for him and we didn't meet again.

Elder Jenkins hadn't heard from him since then until about a 2 weeks ago when C.S called and said he went on trek with the Edmond ward (his girl friends ward) and wanted to be baptized. WHA?! Elder Jenkins and his companion taught him the rest of the missionary discussions and he was baptized on Saturday! Me, Elder Garner, and the new Mustang East Sisters got approved to go to it! It was amazing to see him enter into the waters of baptism. He might even go on a mission! Such an amazing conversion. (click here to go to Week 17 when Elder Watkins first met and taught C.S.)

The investigators that we are working with right now are awesome! The ward is fellow-shipping all of them really well. One of our investigators R~, an African-American part-member is shooting for a baptism date on July 12th. He is awesome.

This coming week is going to be amazing!

My new mailing address:
501 Pointe Parkway Blvd. Apt. 3206
Yukon, OK 73099

Sincerely, Elder Watkins

C.S.'s Baptism

The Kitchen

 The Crib

Me and my new companion Elder Garner
 Suburbia - this is what 90% of my area looks like

Monday, June 9, 2014


Where do I even Start....

I'll just go through the week.

Monday: We had an amazing Lesson with Sister Caster's mother B~. It was very spiritual, we taught the plan of salvation and really focused on faith and baptism. Towards the end of the lesson it was getting really late, out of time we asked B~ if she would follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized on June 29th and she said, "Alright." Haha I love her, she's so meek and humble. Her and E~ (the 10 year old girl) are both getting baptized on the 29th.

Tuesday: I saw a dead guy least I say more...

Wednesday: We found out from our Zone Leaders that our area is getting shotgunned and sisters are being put in Sulphur (right now there are more Sisters coming out than Elders, so President is having to switch Elder areas for Sister areas, and because we are a the only trio in the mission we are one of the areas to be swapped). We knew it was going to happen eventually, but we definitely didn't expect it to happen this transfer. To be honest it was hard to believe, right now our area is on fire. We have 7 baptism dates set, but it will be good for B~, E~, and all of the single ladies we are teaching.

Thursday: Said good bye to all of our investigators and members. We also wrote down tons and Tons and TONS of notes for the coming sister missionaries.

Friday: ^Diddo^

We also taught an amazing lesson with our new investigators B~, C~ and kids. We finally got to teach a full restoration. it was awesome you could just see the sincerity in their eyes. We set a baptism date for them in July to work towards.

Saturday: We had Stake Conference and had it broadcast to our branch building. All of it was focused on member missionary work! Missionary work can't be done properly with out the members. It was awesome they even had a recent convert give a talk on his conversion (that I talked with at the Norman Stake Fair). His story is amazing, and it all started because of one girl in high school that was able to share her faith and testimony with him. He is the only member in his family and is leaving on a mission to New York on Wednesday. Member Missionary work miracle!

After we got out of stake conference at 9pm, I witness the biggest lightning storm of my life. There was a massive thunderhead that approached from the west that pulsed with constant lightning. During
the whole 30 minute drive home we were surrounded with lightning. I have included a picture.

Sunday: We found out where we are getting transferred.

I'm going to Mustang 1 West with Elder Garner (The Elder I replaced when I came to Sulphur). Elder Memmott is becoming the new Zone Leader in Yukon. He will be one of my new Zone Leaders. Awe Yeah! Elder Durham is going to Quail Creek.

We are all going to be serving in different parts of Oklahoma City!

Its been a crazy I don't know what else to write.

Love you all.

Sincerely, Elder Watkins

Alien Starship...


Good Bye Fz~ :(

Good Bye D~ and C~

The Paul's Valley Missionaries


Good Bye B~

Monday, June 2, 2014

Week 37

Dang I don't really know where to start with this week. Its been amazing! So many miracles have happened in such a small amount of time.

Wednesday is really where it all started picking up like crazy. On Wednesday we taught 3 new investigators. The first one was a part member teaching situation. Ca~ was one of the finding miracles we had a couple of weeks ago. She is a long lost member of the church that we found from knocking on her door. It's a miracle that we even found her. She survived a brain aneurysm that caused a lot of damage. We have been over to teach her a couple of times but we had never met her husband before. 

On Wednesday we went over with plans to teach her about prayer, but it turned out her husband Dn~ was there. He was really kind and sat in the lesson with us. We all telepathically changed our lesson plan to teaching the Restoration. We said the opening prayer and he got really emotional and left the room. We waited but he didn't come back. So we decided to put in the short restoration movie and watch it with Ca~. Dn~ came back into the room right in the middle of Joseph's prayer, haha it was pretty awesome. After the movie we formally taught Dn~ how the gospel has been restored to the Earth once again. It was a very spiritual lesson and he told us that he would read the Book of Mormon in two days, he's awesome. We are going to teach him again this Wednesday.

Later that same day we finally got to teach one of our potential investigators, Ta~. She is a single mom with 3 young kids. We taught her the restoration and it went really well. She was listening intently the whole time. She loves her children and wants everything for them. The only problem is that she works in the city on Sunday and her Ex has her kids then and he takes them to the Assembly of God Church. She really enjoyed the discussion and so did her 10 year old son T~. Ta~ lives only a block away from Brother and Sister Fz~ in Davis, so we are are going to start to fellowship them with her soon.

Yesterday on Sunday we had an amazing fast and testimony meeting. Probably the greatest one I've had on my mission. The biggest miracle this week was that M~ (the less active member we helped build the ramp for who has been inactive since she was 16) came to church and bore her testimony in her wheelchair. Her whole reactivation has been amazing! She is so humble and willing to change. I really wish I could put her testimony into words, but I can't it was amazing. She has felt Christ's love and is overcoming her trials through him. A couple of testimonies later her mom came up and bore her's too. It was amazing. My testimony has been strengthened so much just during this week and I'm grateful I have been blessed to witness such great miracles.

This week has been full of productive work and open doors. We are getting close to starting a monthly service in Sulphur.

Thank you for your prayers and letters! See you next week.

Sincerely, Elder Watkins

103 years old Sister Watts is the oldest member in the Paul's
 Valley Branch. Awesome!

Xavier the turtle. He was trying to get into our apartment.

Our investigators backyard (out by the lake of the Arbuckles)