Monday, February 24, 2014

Tracting....(Week 23)

This week has been... okay. We have been doing more tracting than teaching so time. goes. by. really. slow. But nonetheless we have still had some pretty cool miracles through out the week.
His Disciples

Elder Zeyer went up to OKC with the zone leaders on Thursday for a leadership meeting so me and Elder Linam went to Wynnewood and put in a good 4 hours of knocking doors. On one door we knocked, we were immediately invited in by this big 6 foot guy. We had a good chat with him, and said a prayer with him to bless his family and home. After the prayer we asked if there would be a good time for us to come back and share a message with his family. He said yes and asked us if we knew the Carters (members). Apparently he works with and knows their family really well (YES! a young solid family with friend in the church). We are going to see them sometime this week.

After that we knocked a door and no one answered, but as we were walking away from the door their car pulled into the driveway. The young father introduced himself and he seemed really nice, and then he told us he was the preacher at the Church of Christ. We told him about our message for families and he said he wanted to do a study with us (aka bash). We are going to meet with him sometime this week at his church. 

The next day (Friday) in Sulphur, we had one of the Elders from Ardmore on exchanges and we ran into an former investigator while we were walking to knock the next door. He pulled up in his truck and shouted at us. Apparently he was an investigator before I got here and he moved so the missionaries had lost contact. We had a good chat with him, and he is a really funny guy. Yesterday, (Sunday) we went over to his new house and visited with his family and read some scriptures out of the Book of Mormon on faith (Alma 32:41,42). They are a great family, and we hope to start teaching them this week.

Also at church we had over 80 people show up (Avg. 60), it was awesome. Tons of less actives came. progress is being made.

We didn't get to see the F~ family this week which was sad, but we have set things up for Wednesday to teach them the DOC (Doctrine of Christ).
I Miss Mountains

All is well and we are looking forward to this week. Sorry for the short letter.

Sincerely, Elder Watkins

Monday, February 17, 2014

Sunday Miracles (Week 22)

One of the miracles that we had this week was running into a PM family that wasn't on the ward roster. One of the active members in Wynnewood told us her son lived lived in the East part of town but didn't tell us exactly where. We decided to go out tracting in the East part of town and no one was answering the door, after knocking about 7 doors this guy answered the door we talked to him and he told us his name was J. We all looked at each other in bewilderment and said, "NO WAY". We had tracted right into her son. Miracle. It was pretty cool. We asked him if we could come back and share a message with his family, and he said yes! Yesterday (Sunday) we went back and tried knocking their door and they let us in. We talked to them for a good while. they have 2 twin boys that are 5 and a daughter that is 8. J's wife comes from a Methodist background. They are a great young family that needs the gospel. We taught J and his wife a restoration and it turned out that J had been baptized and holds the Aaronic priesthood, so when his family is baptized he can perform the baptisms. It will be legit.

Later that same night we went and taught the F~ family (B~'s family). It was awesome we answered there questions about the book of Mormon, read the introduction of the book of Mormon, and then watched the restoration video with them. The Spirit was super strong, and Bro Carter (the member that we took with us) bore his testimony. It was awesome! We invited them to church but B told us he works Sundays so he is going to try to work out his work schedule. We are praying hard for their family.

Also another highlight of the week was that we got to bash with an old drunk Indian that was a messianic-Jew. "JESUS WAS A JEW! NOT A CHRISTIAN! HE WAS BORN A JEW AND HE WILL COME BACK A JEW!" He was pretty crazy. He claimed that he had read the Book of Mormon and every time we told him he hadn't he would say,
Him: "YES I HAVE!"
Us: "Okay then what is it about?"
Us: Jesus Christ."
Him: "Well.. yeah BUT YOU HAVEN'T READ IT!"
Us: Yes we have."
Us: "Do I need to know that to go to Heaven?"
Us: {insert laughter here} "No we don't, read our tags."
It was pretty funny/crazy, he told us that if you murdered/robed someone you would still go to heaven. The apostasy is real everyone. The apostasy is real.
I have a little Sony sound recorder that I bought at Walmart that I've been recording all our crazy conversations with haha. 

Things are looking good for next week an the weather should be warming up. Bring out the bikes!
ZZZzzz. Flash photography wakes ya up pretty good

Elder Zeyer

Sincerely, Elder Watkins

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sulphur (Week 21)

SULPHUR! YEAH! I'm loving my new area. It is the coolest small town in the South. In my new area we cover 4 small towns in a Branch located in Paul's Valley. I'm serving in a trio right now with E. Linam and E. Zeyer. There aren't a lot of members out here so a lot of our missionary work will be done through tracting/knocking doors. 

When I first got here it was a little rough going from 11 investigators in Shawnee to 5 investigators in Sulphur, but last night we experienced an amazing miracle. We had been knocking doors in Davis the day before. We were walking past a house that was blasting country music and we all stopped and thought if we should knock it. We weren't sure if he would even hear our knock. We went up and knocked it anyways. On the second knock the door swung open. A man in his mid 30s stood in the doorway, B~ greeted us and we asked him if we could say a prayer with him to bless his family. He said sure and invited us in (the first person to invite up in all day). We said a prayer with him and set up a return appointment with him and his family of four for the next day (Sunday). 

Sunday morning we had basically been dropped by our most solid investigator, so our hopes for success were low. Later that night after church we went over to B~'s house for the appointment. We knocked the door and his wife let us in. B~ went and got his kids (which rarely happens in a lesson) and we taught them a lesson on the Restoration. It was one of the best Restorations I've taught thus far on my mission. Everyone one was listening and participating. At the close of the lesson we set up a return appointment for the next lesson, and the wife said we could come back next Sunday. Then B~ said "Why wait so long until Sunday? Why not have them come back on Wednesday?" Haha AW YEAH! They are so solid, we are going to see them again on Wednesday.

This transfer is going to be sweet. This branch is going to be a ward before I leave, I can see it. More next week. Love you all.

My new address: 
1826 W. Muskogee Apt 7
Sulphur OK, 73086

Sincerely, Elder Watkins

Monday, February 3, 2014

Week 20


Craziness over here in Shawnee. 2 weeks ago W was admitted to the hospital for double pneumonia. She was there for about 5 days until the hospital released her. We called her the day she got back home and she did not sound good. We asked her who was with her to watch over her, she said her dogs and her Lord. Me and Elder Jenkins were both really worried about her. The next day her phone went straight to voice mail. Over the week we continued to try and make contact with her. Eventually a week and a half passed by, and we became really concerned. We were outside her house when we were about to call the police station and tell them about the situation, when a police car pulled around the corner. We waved him down and told him about the situation and he scoped the house from the outside. Her dogs were going nuts inside and her mail box had 2 weeks worth of mail in it. We continued to pray for her and the police to find out where she was and that she was still alive. A week passed after that when we were studying and I felt prompted to call her. The phone didn't go straight to voice mail, in fact W~ picked up the phone! Me and Elder Jenkins were so happy to hear from her. It turned out her brother took her to the Tulsa hospital and they discovered she still had a little bit pneumonia left in her lungs from after she got released from the hospital in Shawnee. On the phone she told me she had completely given up smoking and had finally said a prayer for herself to get help. The power of prayer is real my friends.

This week has been pretty slow for us. Yesterday I found out I'll be getting transferred to Paul's Valley (South), I'll be in a trio with two companions, Elder Linam and Elder Zyer. I'm super pumped!
BC Rogers gave me his ancient typewriter as a going away gift


On Saturday we (Zone Leaders and us) set up an activity for the Shawnee ward. We played 17 miracles on the projector in the gym. We turned it into a missionary work experience where members could invite their friends. It turned out alright and a ton of less actives showed up. 
17 Miracles

The Waddells

It's sad to leave Shawnee but I'm super excited to serve in Paul's Valley.
The planner cover I made for Elder Cutler

Sorry this Email is so short, more next week.

Sincerely, Elder Watkins

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Time Is Flying By (Week 19)

It feels like I've been here in Shawnee for only a month and it’s almost been four. This week has been pretty busy and the work has been good. My guess is that this will be my last full week in Shawnee, since transfers are on the 5th of February.
Early Morning Studies
This week we had a dang good lesson with our recently new investigators T~ and K~ that we ran into right after our investigator Kev (Navy boy) dropped us. T~ and his friends pulled up into the duplex's driveway and got out of the car with brown bags (alcohol) in their hands. They came up and started talking to us, we started to teach and answered their questions on his porch. We would have taught them a full lesson right there if they weren't "Fixin' to get drunk". 
T~ sounded really interested in our message, so we set up a time to come back. Since then we have met with him and his girlfriend K~ a couple of times. T~ is in his 20’s and just recently got released from prison, he's a humble guy. Each time we have taught him we would take up about 45 minutes of just answering questions. We have only really gotten to teach him a Restoration. This week we taught him the Doctrine of Christ which contains the 5 key steps in using Christ’s Atonement; Faith, Repentance, Baptism, The Holy Ghost, and Endure to the End. We read 2 Nephi 31 and talked about why Christ was baptized and why he traveled miles on foot to be baptized by John. Just by reading the Book of Mormon, all of T~’s questions were answered. It was great, he would stop reading and ask a question, and then we would tell him to keep reading and once he would finish the verse he would have an Ah HA moment. After we had finished reading the chapter he stated that now he understands why we've wanted him to read. Everything fell into place, just from him reading. We are going to be teaching him again tomorrow.

We also had a solid lesson at the library with J~ on the Doctrine of Christ. He loved the message and was attentive the whole time. He asked good questions and of course the "speaking in tongues question," which is a common belief among Pentecostal church; which means that when you feel the Holy Ghost you yell in tongue (gibberish that no one can understand). We explained that in Acts on the day of Pentecost, the apostles spoke in cloven tongue (cloven means 2), which meant that the Galileans and the Jews could understand and hear them in their own tongue. We talked and focused on the priesthood and that baptism is a saving ordinance and must be performed with the authority of God. J~ is truly seeking to find the truth, and wants be baptized as soon as he prays to know if the Book of Mormon is true.

Sadly Elder Moore will be going home at the end of this transfer, and will be beginning his journey to find an eternal companion. (We have been teasing him about it.) It has been a privilege to serve around the zone leaders. This week has been good and so will the next.
E-mailing at the Family History Center

Sincerely, Elder Watkins