Wednesday, December 18, 2013

PB&J (Week 13)

This week has been historical. Elder Moore has never had a peanut butter sandwich in his life and this week at his 22 month mark in his mission, he has finally taken the courage to try one. We give Elder Moore a hard time for how picky he is about food and trying new things. Last Friday Elder Moore went on exchanges to Midwest city and took his companion's (Elder Cutler) bike to use on the exchange. At the end off the night we got a call from Elder Moore telling us he had bad news. They were at a member's house for 10 minutes and someone had taken wire cutters and broke their bike lock and stole Elder Cutler's bike. Elder Moore told Elder Cutler that he would do anything to make it up to him, and he said "If you eat a PB&J sandwich your debt will be paid." The next Saturday Elder Moore ate a chunky peanut butter and jelly sandwich and it was indeed historical. Next week he will try ranch dressing. :)

Our investigator W is going through some changes. L no longer lives with her because it turned out she was doing drugs, not getting into too many details, W needed her out. This has made it easier on W and now she is finally giving up smoking and coming to church. She is really starting push herself for a date for baptism. One of our investigators P is also finally going to quit smoking and push for a date. His family is now supporting him more than ever, its gonna happen! Our investigators are pulling through and things are looking good for next week. Right now the ward needs a lot of help focusing on missionary work and bonding together in unity. This week we are gathering multiple families together and having conjoined family home evenings, to work on ward unity.
I found out yesterday I'm getting a new companion Elder Jenkins who is coming up from Wichita Falls, Texas. Elder Bushman and him are basically switching places. The leadership in our district has become a little faulty, so Elder Jenkins is going to be our new district leader, which means I'll be going on tons of exchanges. Ah, yeah.

Elder Martin

This holiday season has been legit over here in Shawnee and it's only just begun. I have new film photos but I forgot to get them put on a CD :P

Sincerely, Elder Watkins

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