Monday, January 13, 2014

New Investigators (Week 17)

This week has been legit, the Lord has blessed us with tons of new investigators and potentials! Things are so good in the hood. This week has showed me the amazing guidance of the spirit and how it works through effective and prayerful planning, that if we listen to it and follow its instructions, we will find those who are prepared to receive the gospel. We got 6 new investigators this week!
One of the investigators we have started teach is C. He is a senior who is doing school from home. We originally made contact with him at church. He was starting to date a Mormon girl and had become interested in what we believe. We later ran into him again while he was working at Braums, and asked him if he was interested in taking the lessons. He said yes and we set up a time to meet with him at the church building. We met with him right after Zone P-day and taught him a Restoration, it was a really good lesson and he asked some good questions, a couple of them were difficult to answer. One of them about speaking in tongues, a common Pentecostal belief that when you feel the Holy Ghost you start to yell out gibberish. Elder Jenkins politely explained what speaking in tongues meant and that when the apostles did speak in tongues, people of different languages could understand them. He is reading the Book of Mormon with his girlfriend and interested in finding out the truth. We committed him to continue to read and then pray to know if it's true. We are teaching him again today right after dinner.
Elder J and our desk
We also finally made contact with a referral that we could never get a hold of. We came by his house early in the morning right after studies and his car was there. We knocked his door and a big shirtless man in his 60s answered the door. He said, "Elders, Come on in!" We went in and he casually began to talk with us. He talked a lot and told us his life story, and showed us his sweet guitars. He apparently has been investigating the church on his own since he was 5 when he saw a temple for his first time. He has read practically every piece of church literature there is; the Pearl of Great Price, the Book of Mormon, D&C, and books written by the modern apostles. He told us he took an IQ test at OU and he has an IQ of 183 and I believe him. He could talk about 5 different things and tie them all together perfectly in 15 minutes. He is a former musician and was a local broadcaster. After talking to him for 2 hours about the church, we found out he's pretty much ready to be baptised. The only thing holding him back is his brother. His brother has done a lot for him, and he is worried about being disowned for joining the church. We helped inspire him to bear his testimony to his brother so he can understand why he is joining the church. We are going to be teaching him all the lessons this week, and get him baptized this month.
The Right Hand
We also made P an investigator and taught him a Restoration in his home. He is so funny and we enjoy talking to him and teaching him. We hope to see him again sometime this week. We have found so many more investigators and I wish I could write you about all of them, but I'm running out of time. I love you all!
Sincerely, Elder Watkins

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