Monday, October 6, 2014

General Conference (Week 55)

Smack down on prophets and missionary work! General Conference was AWESOME! So much inspiration and revelation!

I loved Elder Robbins of the Seventies talk! It was very bold and straight forward about God's law and keeping the commandments. It was very similar to Elder Holland’s talk The Inconvenient Messiah. We are saved by grace after all that we can do. God gave us commandments for a reason; God and His requirements are unchanging. We will have to show some of our investigators his talk haha. I also loved the theme on prophets and the importance of personal conversion.

We tried so hard to get P~ to the church to watch General Conference. She watched all of Saturday’s sessions including priesthood lol. She enjoyed all of it and loved President Monson's talk. Everything in conference applied to her. Last week I failed to talk about our church tour with her. We planned it right before the General Women's broadcast dinner and session. She loved it and stopped at every painting in the building, she loved it when we got in the chapel we could feel the spirit so strong. Brother Bynum bore a powerful testimony of the sacrament and its purpose. After the tour we had Sister Bynum invite her to the dinner. We tried so hard to get her to stay. She was so close; instead she watched it at home on her iPad. I'm starting to think technology is a hindrance. Haha, I'm kidding.

A couple of nights ago we got a call from the APs, Elder Staheli will be training next transfer, lucky guy. We were joking all day about who was going to get trainer calls. Sure enough Elder Staheli and Sister Young will both be training, which means I will most likely be getting transferred. It should be interesting where I go next. I’m super sad to leave this Ward and all of the close friends I have made. This place has really grown on me. The Bishop said he's going to convince president to have me stay. I'm going to miss the Bishopric here. I'll let you know on Monday where I’m getting transferred.

I love you all!

Sincerely, Elder Watkins

Brother D~ and his Son C~
Sunset over Mustang

Sunset on Reno Ave.


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