Monday, December 1, 2014

He is the Gift (Week 63)

This week has been good. On Thursday we had a specialized training meeting in Enid where we were introduced to the "He is the Gift" Initiative. A missionary movement to share the true meaning of Christmas, the birth and life of our savior Jesus Christ. The first gift given to man kind.

On the church has created videos and interactive pages for people all around the world to watch and explore; to discover, embrace, and share the message of Jesus Christ. It's amazing what the church is doing to spread this message. Times Square will have the message and video displayed all through out December and on the 7th the video will be the banner for YouTube in North and South America. Pretty amazing. I encourage all of you to check out the video "He is the Gift" and share it on your social media for the world to see. Flood the earth with the message of Jesus Christ!

This pass few days we have been using these new tools to find and teach people on the streets. On Saturday when what felt like all of our plans fell through we were able to establish contact with some of out old potential investigators. It was almost curfew and we stopped and talk with them on their porch. Now much more receptive to our message we shared the video with them on their phone (can't wait when we get iPads to show people videos). We showed them the video and as soon as the video ended their friend said: "I want to share that!" and then Jamie... "Tell me when you're done I do too!" Haha so awesome! We began teaching them about Jesus Christ and how his birth was also prophesied here in the Americas. We had to get going so we left them with a prayer and we set up a time to teach them more. So pumped.

Most of our investigators have been sick or out of town for the holidays. We found C~ in the Jailbirds (Newspaper in gas stations). He isn't in jail for any serious reason so he should be released soon. Today we will go over and visit his parents to get an update.

I hope you all had a great thanksgiving. I sure did. SO much turkey and pie! Keep me updated, I love you all!

Sincerely, Elder Watkins

Turkey Bowl Football

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