Monday, February 23, 2015

"EXCELLENT!" (Week 75)

"This Week has been EXCELLENT!" (Unison of Bill and Ted's voices)

Where do I start. John will be baptized on Saturday, March 7. Tomorrow night we are going to create the program and go over who he would like to baptize him and give talks at the service. We are so excited for him, if only the 7th would come sooner. He has such a strong testimony of the gospel and is anxious to serve in the Lord's church. Karri will also be baptized next week, so keep her in your prayers, we still have a bit to teach her.

Sunday services were awesome! We had 6 investigators at church! Such a miracle! The Johnson's daughters brought their three prom dates, whose families we have started teaching, we had Josh, and then Greg and Nora Came! AHHHH! So awesome! We had the most powerful gospel principles class teaching on the Holy Ghost. You could see it in the class' eyes. I love that. There is nothing greater than watching other people feel and recognize the spirit. It was so cool to see Greg and Nora come to church. Nora is so prepared, she reminded me of Jennie Fultz when I was in Davis. It all just clicks and she gets it. Nora has been reading the Book of Mormon and is on chapter 5 of Nephi. Considering how many times we have taught them, that is a lot of reading. I think we have really only had two sit down lessons with her.

Saturday night we went over to their house with Brother Critchfield and visited with her. She told us that she wanted to go to church and that she had talked to her mom, and told her that she has questions that need answering and that is why she is meeting with the missionaries and investigating the LDS church. She is awesome! The Critchfields are planning on having them over for dinner with us next week! SO PUMPED!

Joesph... He is still struggling. We had to apologize last time we went over. We felt like we have been kind of pushy and overbearing. We have been so excited for him to be baptized, but he isn't ready, still because of smoking. He wants to quit but everything seems to be piling up on him. We have postponed his date for now and we are just helping him make little steps. He has a friend that he is trying to help move into Ponca City from Texas. His friend is also interested in quitting smoking and being baptized so when he moves up here they will be able to quit together and have a support system. We want everything for him to be baptized, but it's just going to take more time for him to prepare. We want him to be 100% ready. Keep him in your prayers!

Thank you for all you do! I love reading your emails and getting updates! I hope you have a wonderful week!

Sincerely, Elder Watkins

Elder Bill Matthews                           Elder Ted Watkins

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