Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Flood the Earth (Week 88)

The weather this week has been crazy. Its rained almost everyday and we have received four severe alerts and two extreme alerts for flash flooding and tornado's. Craziness! We only needed to get in the shelter once and the tornado rotation dissipated just south of Duncan so we were safe. Duncan is no longer in a drought so that's good. We have seen a couple of signs saying please stop praying for rain.

They almost had to reschedule zone p-day because highway 7 was covered in a foot of water from Beaver Creek overflowing. We took a picture of it from off of the front page of Lawton's newspaper. I'll send it to you.

Our whole mission is focusing on using the Book of Mormon to its fullest. The Lord is flooding the earth more than one way. It was funny that our elders quorum lesson this week was reading Ezra Taft Bensen's talk entitled: Flood the Earth with the Book of Mormon. A very good talk BTW.

We taught C~ and Bd~ (Recent Convert) twice last week. The first visit we went over the plan of salvation and answered a lot of their questions about the spirit world. At our second visit they still had more questions so we read Alma chapter 40. They loved the chapter, it was cool how they would ask a question and the the next few verses would answer their question. It's amazing the answers that Book of Mormon contains. We are blessed with so much knowledge. That was a cool visit because Bd~'s friend K~ was over who was also sitting in on the lessons when Bd~ was first investigating. She also had a ton of questions that were similar to Bd~'s about the plan of salvation. That's one of the most important things preach my gospel talks about is teaching people not lessons. We have to adjust the messages we share to what the person or family needs. Listening to the spirit is key for teaching effectively.

We went over the 17 points of the true church with B~. It was a good discussion, we went through the scriptures and talked about the organization of Jesus Christ's church and taught him the restoration. He is awesome. He is so honest and sincere about finding the truth. He loves the messages we leave with him. His desire to read and study grows every time. Keep his family in your prayers.

Oh after we had our specialized training meeting in Lawton with the zone leaders. They informed us that we were getting a car. So our area has a car now, which means we can work with the members in Marlow, Empire City, and Central more. We were excited to get that news. :)

Sorry I have to wrap up. I love you all. Have a wonderful week!

Sincerely, Elder Watkins

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