Monday, June 15, 2015

Trainer Calls (Week 91)

Saturday night we got in a little late, we were about to start planning when the other elders knocked on the door which reminded me of what was happening that night. I had totally forgotten that it was the night that the assistants made trainer calls. The other elders were pretty set that I was going to be training so they came over to wait for the call from the APs. The phone some how got put on silent, we had a missed call from the APs and 1 new voice mail. I anxiously put the phone on speaker and we listened to the voice mail. AP Nibley was simply relaying information about Elder Mierau's departing temple trip and asked us to call him back. My heart sank a little but I know it was probably Elder Nibley giving me a hard time. I patiently waited while AP Nibley and Elder Meirau talked about the trip and then about our area, then as soon as I thought the conversation was over I hear: "Oh and is Elder Watkins still there?" Everyone fell silent. "...yes" the next response: "President has asked that you would train this next transfer." We all went crazy! Haha so much fun. I'm so excited to train! I've been wanting to train my whole mission! I am excited for the new experiences that lay ahead. I will be training for last 2 transfers of my mission.

All of the missionaries in our district are getting ready to go home. All of us leave one transfer after the other. We have all decided to hide how long we have been out from the new missionary so we don't make him homesick. That way none of us will get "trunky". It should be a fun challenge.

We have good/bad news about C~. He got a job, but it's clear up in Tulsa so we are unable to teach him for the time being. We have been helping him find a closer job by asking around. Keep them in your prayers. It was cool though because yesterday we heard from the Relief Society president in ward council that when B~ and her husband C~ both came to church the previous week B~ stood up and bore her testimony in Relief Society. She shared in her testimony that while C~ and her were in gospel principles class, he leaned over and whispered in her ear, "this is home". It's such a joy to see investigators feel God's love as they come to church and feel the spirit.

Yesterday we got permission with Cr's mom to set a baptism date with him. We are excited that we are able to help him progress now!

This week we are going to be giving Br~ a church tour. It's going to be great. It seems that every time we teach him, his heart grows more as well as his interest to learn more.

Our finding has been going really well as of late. We are finding a lot of new investigators. We have also been running into a lot of former investigators who want to start investigating again.

Well I'm running out of time! I'll be sure to send you the audio files of last p-day. Lots of fun.

I love you all, I hope you have a good week!

Sincerely, Elder Watkins

Bluegrass venue. The back part of the Cowboy Music Store in Comanche

The flood gates of Lake Waurika (after all the rain we got this spring)

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