Friday, September 27, 2013

MTC Week 2

Things are great over here in the MTC, and the day is getting closer to leave to Oklahoma. I am really excited but also unsure of what to expect. Yesterday we had a 5 hour in-field orientation at main campus. I'm full of new knowledge and can't wait to get out into the field.
Earlier this week on Tuesday I got to sing with the choir during the MTC devotional at the Marriott Center which was an awesome experience. We were honored to listen to two members of the Quorum of the 70. Both of them gave excellent talks on becoming more like Christ.

 "Think outwards not inwards, and you will become the missionary that God wants you to become."
-Elder Bednar

This past week we have been teaching an MTC investigator named Arnold. He is older and his wife passed away in the 1970s. He is a very sad man and has seen alot of wicked in the world from his previous employment doing technical work in prisons. He is very hard hearted, but me and my companion believe we can help him see the good in life. We teach him again tomorrow for the last time, we are thinking about teaching him the restoration again. His story is a lot like Joesph Smith--Arnold has been to a lot of churches, but they all teach differently and he wants to find the truth.

From what I have learned at the MTC I feel like the most important thing I've learned has been that we teach people not lessons. Out in the field each person is going to be different, with different sets of concerns and situations. We must love our investigators in order to teach them effectively. I've seen a huge change in the way I study since I've been here. If you know me I never study or im not very effective at it, but since I've been here I have learned so much, and I am so excited to teach and help the people from Oklahoma.

We have a huge branch in the MTC. Most of the missionaries in our zone are going to Minnesota, Minneapolis but five of us are going to OKC. We have become like a family, and it's kind of sad to think that I won't be seeing more than half of them out in the field. Anyways things are going and clock is ticking, I leave to Oklahoma in 4 days! 

Sincerely, Elder Watkins

 Our District 159A
 some of our zone
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