Monday, May 19, 2014

You're a Member? (Week 35)

This week was good but also strange at the same time. As soon as you think you've adjusted to the work it changes on ya, but that's how you grow as a missionary. Really this week has been great, with lots of miracles mostly with less-active members. In the past two weeks we have found 4 new less actives that were not on our roster. Three of them we found from knocking on doors.

Last Week

It was crazy so the first one we found was when we went over to visit Mx~. We were waiting for Mx~ to answer the door but he didn't answer, so we waited a little longer. The door right next to Mx~'s apartment opened and a bigger man stuck his head out the window. We noticed he kept glancing over at us. After a couple more minutes of waiting (Mx~ is in a wheelchair) we began to walk away, when we heard "WAIT!" We turned around and sure enough the man next door started walking towards us. He asked us if we were Mormons and we told him yes, and then he simply said, "ME TOO! My name is W~. I haven't been to church since I lived in Delaware, which was 20 years ago. I use to have a quad scriptures but, I lost them in a move. Where's the nearest church?" We were shocked haha. We introduced ourselves and gave him information about the church's where-abouts, and he asked us to come by sometime in the next week.

This Week

We went over to W~'s house, and he invited us in and introduced us to his girlfriend, and while we were talking we asked her if she had ever talked to Mormon missionaries. She then simply told us "Yeah, I'm a member I was baptized in California when I was 20." W~ whirled around and said, "Your a member?!... huh I didn't know that." It was nuts. We taught them a lesson on the Doctrine of Jesus Christ, and they loved it. W~ asked us "where could I get a Book of Mormon?" ... Uh from my backpack haha, it was great. They both expressed there desires to come back to church. They don't have a car at the moment so we discussed with them about getting them a ride with a member.

Yesterday (Sunday) during branch council we talked to the Branch President about all of the less-actives that we have recently found in Sulphur. We discussed setting up a monthly sacrament meeting in Sulphur, either at a members house or in a rented room. It's going to awesome once we get everything set up.

This letter is so out of order but oh well. I should also tell you about the other less-active member we found. Earlier in the week we helped brother Fz out with some service. We helped him carry and store a bunch of hospice equipment in a storage unit for his work. When we got to the building the equipment was being first stored in we met this lady that was talking to brother Fz. We were dressed in service clothes completely unrecognized as missionaries other than our name tags (in fact I don't know if all of us were wearing them... oops) and the first thing she said when she saw us was "oh you brought some strong Mormon boys to help."

Wait Whaa?

We talked to her while we carried equipment and she was very familiar with the church. We didn't get to talk to her to much during the service project. However, later we talked to brother Fz and he told us he found out she is a recent convert that was baptized in Ardmore, but she hasn't been to church since she moved to Sulphur. We are going to try to set up something and meet with her this coming week.

We didn't get to teach to many lessons this week, but the lord has blessed us with guidance to find all of these lost members. This next week is going to be good and we have been working with our two most solid investigators, "Em" (Bro B's daughters friend who is 10 years old) and sister Caster's Mom, "Be". We taught the restoration to both of them right after church in the primary class room, and Em and Be both loved it. We are working toward a baptism date in June, still flexible.

The Gospel is great and the work is hastening in Sulphur.

Sincerely, Elder Watkins

Norman Stake Fair with recent convert T~

Norman Stake Fair

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