Monday, May 5, 2014

TRIO (Week 33)

We are now officially in a trio companionship again. Elder Durham has joined the crew. He is from Springfield Illinois and he will be serving in Fortaleza Brazil once he gets his visa. He was the
missionary that took my place with Elder Jenkins when I left Shawnee. It's pretty crazy we all served in Shawnee, I took Elder Memmott's place when he left and Elder Durham took mine when I left, and now we are all companions! Crazy stuff!

This week has been a pretty slow one and a lot of crazy stuff happened. First Sister R~'s boyfriend turned out to be a con man and emptied all of the money in her bank accounts and ran off with her
car. Crazy stuff. The good news is that they found the car untouched and on Sunday after church we gave her a blessing of peace and comfort. She is a trooper! She has trying so hard to do missionary
work but every time she gets knocked down, but continues and endures anyways. She is awesome, and later that same day we got a voicemail from her saying that she talked to her friend's 10 year old daughter, E~ (she has come to church twice with another girl her age) who said that she wants to become a member of the church and be baptized. So on Friday we are going to Sis R~'s home to eat dinner and teach E~ a restoration lesson. Sis R~ is also fellow shipping with more of her friends that drop off their kids at her daycare.

We are still teaching M~ the former investigator that we found. It has been hard to help him progress and read the Book of Mormon on his own. He also has a really bad alcohol problem. He is a very smart guy and knows the scriptures really well. He just lacks the motivation and self reliance. He's got potential and he wants to change. We are going to get him started on the 12 step program this week.

This week has been hard with teaching lessons. We have mostly been knocking doors looking for new families to teach. It's been really hard in Sulphur (people this week have been pretty mean) but Davis seems to be the place for nice young families. We have found a lot of new potentials that we are going to start teaching this week.

One miracle that we had this week was getting a solid referral from one of our less active members in Sulphur. His name is M~ and he was almost baptized 20 years ago. He is super interested in meeting with the missionaries and we will be teaching him this week. Also in the process of finding him we found a long lost inactive member from Delaware that lived right next door to M~. Crazy stuff combo!

This letter is getting long... I'll have more things to say next week! Keep me posted I love you all!

Sincerely, Elder Watkins

Chickasaw Cultural Center (Lamanite Village) 

Biking through downtown Sulphur


Broken Glass

I caught my first fish on the mish. A little Blue Gill

Chickasaw Warrior


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