Monday, June 9, 2014


Where do I even Start....

I'll just go through the week.

Monday: We had an amazing Lesson with Sister Caster's mother B~. It was very spiritual, we taught the plan of salvation and really focused on faith and baptism. Towards the end of the lesson it was getting really late, out of time we asked B~ if she would follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized on June 29th and she said, "Alright." Haha I love her, she's so meek and humble. Her and E~ (the 10 year old girl) are both getting baptized on the 29th.

Tuesday: I saw a dead guy least I say more...

Wednesday: We found out from our Zone Leaders that our area is getting shotgunned and sisters are being put in Sulphur (right now there are more Sisters coming out than Elders, so President is having to switch Elder areas for Sister areas, and because we are a the only trio in the mission we are one of the areas to be swapped). We knew it was going to happen eventually, but we definitely didn't expect it to happen this transfer. To be honest it was hard to believe, right now our area is on fire. We have 7 baptism dates set, but it will be good for B~, E~, and all of the single ladies we are teaching.

Thursday: Said good bye to all of our investigators and members. We also wrote down tons and Tons and TONS of notes for the coming sister missionaries.

Friday: ^Diddo^

We also taught an amazing lesson with our new investigators B~, C~ and kids. We finally got to teach a full restoration. it was awesome you could just see the sincerity in their eyes. We set a baptism date for them in July to work towards.

Saturday: We had Stake Conference and had it broadcast to our branch building. All of it was focused on member missionary work! Missionary work can't be done properly with out the members. It was awesome they even had a recent convert give a talk on his conversion (that I talked with at the Norman Stake Fair). His story is amazing, and it all started because of one girl in high school that was able to share her faith and testimony with him. He is the only member in his family and is leaving on a mission to New York on Wednesday. Member Missionary work miracle!

After we got out of stake conference at 9pm, I witness the biggest lightning storm of my life. There was a massive thunderhead that approached from the west that pulsed with constant lightning. During
the whole 30 minute drive home we were surrounded with lightning. I have included a picture.

Sunday: We found out where we are getting transferred.

I'm going to Mustang 1 West with Elder Garner (The Elder I replaced when I came to Sulphur). Elder Memmott is becoming the new Zone Leader in Yukon. He will be one of my new Zone Leaders. Awe Yeah! Elder Durham is going to Quail Creek.

We are all going to be serving in different parts of Oklahoma City!

Its been a crazy I don't know what else to write.

Love you all.

Sincerely, Elder Watkins

Alien Starship...


Good Bye Fz~ :(

Good Bye D~ and C~

The Paul's Valley Missionaries


Good Bye B~

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