Monday, June 2, 2014

Week 37

Dang I don't really know where to start with this week. Its been amazing! So many miracles have happened in such a small amount of time.

Wednesday is really where it all started picking up like crazy. On Wednesday we taught 3 new investigators. The first one was a part member teaching situation. Ca~ was one of the finding miracles we had a couple of weeks ago. She is a long lost member of the church that we found from knocking on her door. It's a miracle that we even found her. She survived a brain aneurysm that caused a lot of damage. We have been over to teach her a couple of times but we had never met her husband before. 

On Wednesday we went over with plans to teach her about prayer, but it turned out her husband Dn~ was there. He was really kind and sat in the lesson with us. We all telepathically changed our lesson plan to teaching the Restoration. We said the opening prayer and he got really emotional and left the room. We waited but he didn't come back. So we decided to put in the short restoration movie and watch it with Ca~. Dn~ came back into the room right in the middle of Joseph's prayer, haha it was pretty awesome. After the movie we formally taught Dn~ how the gospel has been restored to the Earth once again. It was a very spiritual lesson and he told us that he would read the Book of Mormon in two days, he's awesome. We are going to teach him again this Wednesday.

Later that same day we finally got to teach one of our potential investigators, Ta~. She is a single mom with 3 young kids. We taught her the restoration and it went really well. She was listening intently the whole time. She loves her children and wants everything for them. The only problem is that she works in the city on Sunday and her Ex has her kids then and he takes them to the Assembly of God Church. She really enjoyed the discussion and so did her 10 year old son T~. Ta~ lives only a block away from Brother and Sister Fz~ in Davis, so we are are going to start to fellowship them with her soon.

Yesterday on Sunday we had an amazing fast and testimony meeting. Probably the greatest one I've had on my mission. The biggest miracle this week was that M~ (the less active member we helped build the ramp for who has been inactive since she was 16) came to church and bore her testimony in her wheelchair. Her whole reactivation has been amazing! She is so humble and willing to change. I really wish I could put her testimony into words, but I can't it was amazing. She has felt Christ's love and is overcoming her trials through him. A couple of testimonies later her mom came up and bore her's too. It was amazing. My testimony has been strengthened so much just during this week and I'm grateful I have been blessed to witness such great miracles.

This week has been full of productive work and open doors. We are getting close to starting a monthly service in Sulphur.

Thank you for your prayers and letters! See you next week.

Sincerely, Elder Watkins

103 years old Sister Watts is the oldest member in the Paul's
 Valley Branch. Awesome!

Xavier the turtle. He was trying to get into our apartment.

Our investigators backyard (out by the lake of the Arbuckles)


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