Monday, July 21, 2014

The Power of Faith (Week 44)

This week was really hard, but it has taught me a lot. I've really been pondering over the principle of agency and how it works in God's plan and how it ties in with faith. This life is for us to find joy and to live our lives in harmony with God's teachings so we can learn to become like him. I've learned so much about patience and true desire this week. I've pondered a lot on who I am and what I want to become.

Yesterday was really eye opening for me. After a late lunch me and my companion decided to go out tracting (knocking doors). We biked a mile south to a neighborhood we had spent little time in. We knocked doors and said a few prayers with people, but we didn't run into anyone with sincere interest. The time reached 5:36 and we had dinner at 6:00 with a member back towards our apartment. My companion felt like we should just head back because we wouldn't finish the street (He's a little OCD). I was loving the work and for some reason I just felt like we should just keep knocking and get the other side of the street done. We continued to knock and no one answered, until we reached the last house with the time being 5:50. We knocked it and waited. The door opened and a middle age couple stood in the door, we told them who we were and that we were representatives of Jesus Christ, and that we have come to their house today to offer a prayer over their family and home. They glanced at each other and let us right into their home. They gave us water and we talked with them for awhile and got to know them. They told us about their family and began to tell us the miracles that they saw in their lives and how the Lord lead them to find each other.

Towards the middle of the conversation we handed them a pamphlet on the restoration of the gospel. Marie told us that she had read the Book of Mormon once. She suddenly got emotional. She took a minute to gather herself,  and then told us that missionaries had helped her through a really hard depressing time in her life 12 years ago. My heart began to burn and my eyes started to water, I knew that we needed to be here and that the Lord had lead us here. We said a prayer to bless her daughter that was far from home in the military, and we set up a return appointment. We left their home with a peaceful feeling. I think the experience also helped my companion open his eyes too.

It was really interesting to think about it afterward. Would we have ever found that family if we did decide to leave early? Would we have knocked their door later when they weren't home. How long would it be after that for them to find the missionaries? I know the Lord works in mysterious ways and we can't always understand how he does it. This is his work and his glory. We are his servants here upon the earth. He stands with and guides those that have faith and trust in him.

I'm grateful for all of my friends and family and for all that they have given me. Keep me posted I love you all!

Sincerely, Elder Watkins

P.S. This Wednesday I'm getting a new companion Elder Stalehi, an Elder that came out with me. It's going to be an awesome transfer.

Remodeling Rodney's 5 star bathroom is going well!

The District

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