Monday, July 28, 2014

Transfers! (Week 45)

This week has been pretty good. We haven't really been able to meet with to many of our investigators but we have been really successful with our less actives. Ever since the start of this new transfer it seems like everyone has started to open their doors. We've probably gotten inside with more less-active families in the past three days then in the pass two weeks.

Me and my new companion Elder Staheli are rocking it, and this weekend has been full of miracles. I was a little worried about taking over our big condensed area, because I've only met with half the members on our roster. It was stressful but we have relied on the Lord to guide us in all that we do. Saturday and Sunday was all about making quick decisions. It was amazing how everything worked out for us to visit with so many people that were in need. It seemed that everything worked out
perfectly. When we have faith and are obedient as we serve the Lord all of our impressions and ideas will come from God.

Yesterday we were honored to join the ward in ward council. We discussed members that were struggling and needed help. Later that day impressions came into our minds to change and a line things in our plans so that we could visit those families. We ended up getting a phone call from one less active/recent convert family, saying that sister P~ needed a priesthood blessing for a medical procedure that would be happening the following day. We quickly put them into our plans and pushed things around. After the blessing I felt inspired to have the member take us back to our apartment early so we could see a different less-active/recent convert family. He asked if we wanted him to join us in the visit but for some reason I felt that we should visit the family on our own. We got dropped off and went to the T's house. The visit went really well. It was a miracle that they were even home. During our visit sister T~ (recent convert) opened up and told us about a situation she had where she was recently offended by a member (things that she probably wouldn't have told us if a member was with us). I then felt inspired to read to her Matt 18:21-35, something that I had studied the day before. It can be some scary scriptures to read to someone who needs to forgive. The spirit touched her and softened her heart. She knows what she needs to do and now she just has to forgive. Both families told us that they would be coming to church and that they wanted to have a us over for dinner. we didn't even have to ask.

It amazes me how many times in the scriptures it is said: "Remember, Remember". Your out on your mission for almost a year and it feels like your brain is mush. I've notice where Satan catches us in his snare. It's in forgetting. We forget the miracles. We forget our blessings. We forget our purpose. We forget who loves us. We forget what's most important. We must not allow ourselves to forget what God has given to us. It all comes from him. Why is it a commandment to read the scriptures? Why do the prophets tell us to keep a record of our lives? Because Satan is always trying to get us to forget. The armor of God is strong and will protect us but only if we put it on.

The work can be a struggle but everyday is a victory.

Sincerely, Elder Watkins

Elder Staheli and the Hulk

Pioneer Day BBQ

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