Monday, August 18, 2014

NyQuil vs The Plague (Week 48)

I got the plague. I've been sick with a nasty cold. I've been a total zombie ha ha. I accidentally took NyQuil right before district meeting on Friday... you can imagine how that went down. I'm getting better though. I should be feeling 100% by tomorrow.

Due to me being sick this week has been a little slow but there has still been some cool miracles worth mentioning. On Tuesday night we had all of our appointments fall through so we came back to the apartment. We sat at our desks pondering on what we should do. We thought about updating the area book and getting organized. Elder Staheli suggested we try G~, a potential investigator that we have tried a 100 times and he's never answered. Feeling exhausted and not very confident in the idea I hesitated. Then I waited a moment and felt a small prompting that we should go try him. We hopped on our bikes and biked the mile to G~'s house. as we approached G~'s we passed an active member mowing his lawn. We locked our bikes up to the stop sign in his yard. We waved to him and walked up to G~'s house and knocked his door, and guess what?! He didn't answer... hmmm.

We decided to to go try another potential that we also have never met that lived right across the street from the active member's house. As we were walking down the street brother Tucker came out of his garage having finished mowing the lawn. He beckoned to us to come in and visit. I wasn't sure if visiting with the Tucker's would be the most productive thing to do because we had just recently visited with them, but something told me that this was where we were needed. We went inside and visited for awhile with brother and sister Tucker. After 5 or 6 minutes of talking brother Tucker got a phone call. It was an older couple in the ward it was sister H~ asking Brother T~ to come over and give brother H~ a blessing, the day before he had fallen (2nd time this year) walking around in the house. It was strange that we were there at such a perfect time to go over and give brother H~ a blessing. We left 30 minutes before curfew, gave brother H~ the blessing, and got back almost exactly at 9:00 p.m. The Lord has been teaching me in so many ways. My understanding and perspective of faith has deepened so much the pass couple of months. When we trust in the Lord and do the will of the Father we will have his spirit and we will be guided.

L~ is probably our most solid investigator right now. This week we taught him the commandments and next time we are going to teach him the wonderful word of wisdom haha it should be good. We set a baptismal date for him on September 20th... a few days after my year mark. Man time has flown.

Well sorry for the short letter. This next week should be good. Love y'all.

Sincerely, Elder Watkins

 Elder Gunderson and I

Zone P-day at the Oklahoma City Zoo

Awe yeah

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