Monday, August 25, 2014

Swolly Mammoth (Week 49)

Swolly Mammoth (Descriptive-Noun) Def: The honorary title of a man who lifts heavy weight without strain. For example: Samson (Judges 14:5-6).

Me and Elder Staheli have truly become Swolly Mammoths over the past few weeks. We have helped move six or so families in and out of the ward over the past month. Its been crazy and next week all of the Vivint staff are moving back to Utah... Oh boy gotta love 3 story apartments.

This week has been tiring but good. Yesterday we got a new investigator P~. An older lady that got our phone number from one of her friends that missionaries had done service for. She called us one day and asked us if we could move some heavy boxes for her. We went to her house provided help and offered to come back and share a message about Jesus Christ with her. She agreed and we met with her yesterday and taught her the Restoration of the Gospel. The lesson went really well. In fact, when we shared with her the first vision she exclaimed I believe it. We were taken back in shock a little bit. She told us that she has seen visions also. Pretty cool stuff. We had our ward mission leader with us and he did a wonderful job of testifying and teaching why the Book of Mormon is so important. When we handed her a Book of Mormon she sadly told us that it was nearly impossible for her to read anymore because of the damage in her eyes. Thank goodness for the gospel library app. We showed her where she could download it, and that with the app she could listen to it on audio. She was so happy. We listened to Moroni 10:3-5 and she requested to keep listening to more of the chapter haha. We sat there and listened to the first half of chapter 10 with her. At the end of the visit we set a baptism date with her for the 5th of October. Got to love Sunday miracles.

We are still visiting with our Vietnamese friend Lee. He isn't very interested in changing his religion right now (which we figured), but we will continue to help him learn to speak English by reading the Book of Mormon. Last time we visited with him we taught him 20 new words, 10 religious words and 10 emotion words. Haha it was a lot of fun, after we taught him the words I stood up and started to point to random items in his house, quizzing him. He did really well. We later left him with the reading assignment of Mosiah 3, haha when he saw how long the chapter was he sighed an laughed. He's awesome.

This coming week is going to be great, we have a ton of new people lined up so its going to be good. I love you all. Have a good week!

Sincerely, Elder Watkins

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