Monday, January 26, 2015

Crazy Busy (Week 71)

Okay this week has been insane. I have so much to say with such little time to say it. Heavenly Father has blessed us so much. The work is exploding!

We've had so many investigators at church its been hard to sit with them all. This week we had 4 investigators at church from different families. We had Carri, Jimmy, John, and Tony a friend of Floyd (look a like of Freeman).

It was awesome to see Carri come she loved the whole thing (especially relief society). When we first visited with her she was a little stand-off-ish but now her heart is open and full of joy. On Saturday
we shared with her scriptures from the last Book of Mormon class we taught and answered her questions. It was crazy everything we talked about in our conversation tied into the scriptures perfectly. We read verses from Jacob 1-4. At the end of the visit we invited her to church and explained to her the sacrament, and she agreed to come. Later on Sunday while I was sitting with her and Jimmy during sacrament I opened up to my scriptures to 3 Nephi 18:6-10 where Jesus Christ institutes the sacrament in the Americas. Carri was fascinated, I watched her as she flipped through the pages of 3 Nephi. The spirit was very strong as we took the sacrament. Jimmy on my right loved

Jimmy is Joseph's cousin who just got out of jail. He used to meet with missionaries back in 2003 and even came to church a few times. Church was familiar to him and he enjoyed every hour of it. It's amazing to see people change and begin to live and apply the gospel. He also came to the Book of Mormon class on Monday.

Okay how do I write about James in 5 mins... early in the week he went unresponsive (deep sleep). It was a little scary visiting him in the critical care unit. We prayed and felt that everything would be all
right and the Lord would keep the promises in his blessing. On Friday he was back in the nursing home feeling better then ever. He is still recovering from his cough, but he looks great. You can barely tell that he fell.

Well my time is up, I love you all! Please pray for our investigator's James, Joesph, Carri and Tony!

Thank you have a wonderful week!

Sincerely, Elder Watkins

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