Monday, January 12, 2015

Gospel Principles (Week 69)

We went to see our investigator Joseph on Saturday and we asked him how his scripture studies were going and he said: "not very well I didn't get to read anything from the Book of Mormon this week, but I've been reading the Gospel Principles manual that you gave me and I read the whole thing."


He had read all 53 chapters... he is incredible. His desire to learn and improve baffles (funny word) me. He wasn't able to come to church this week because he didn't get any sleep and wasn't feeling well. I feel bad because he loves church and he has told us it gives him strength throughout the week.

John and his wife came to church which was awesome. They even stayed for gospel principles class! (Usually they leave after Sacrament but we caught them haha). They loved it and John is becoming great friends with the members. Last Tuesday we taught him the word of wisdom and the only thing he struggles with is coffee. When we followed up with him on Sunday he told us he was coffee free and that he now realized how much he depended on it.

We have had a few new families move in from out of state to come work on the windmills. A few of them are part member families, so we are excited to start working with them! This up coming transfer (6 weeks) looks promising. Oh yeah there are no changes in our district, which I'm fine with. We are all pretty good friends.

My companion is feeling a lot better now so we have been able to bike again, I never thought I would enjoy biking so much, its going to be weird if I ever get transferred into a car area...

I wanted to thank everyone for their Christmas cards and gifts! I am grateful for all of the love and support I've received on my mission. I am truly blessed, thank you.

I hope you have a wonderful week, I love you!

Sincerely, Elder Watkins

The Conoco Oil Museum

Our member is a famous scientist. Google the Stolt Migration Theory

The old 101 Ranch Wild West Show. Birth place of rodeo cowboys.

Here are some film photos from the past few months
Grand Ave.

Elder Taunteang


Small Town OK


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