Monday, July 20, 2015

Maps (Week 96)

This week had some good sun. Each week it gets hotter here. Cold water in a bottle is a good friend.

Me and Elder Sheffield had a pretty amazing experience on Saturday. We parked the car in Marlow and offered a prayer that Heavenly Father would guide us to an area and street where we would find people the Lord had prepared to receive the restored gospel. After the prayer we looked at our small map of Marlow. I had an idea where we should go, but before I shared it I confirmed with Elder Sheffield where he felt the spirit should have us go. He pointed to the exact area I was thinking of and then I asked him what street we should go to, and he said the exact same street that was in my mind. It was crazy. We drove there and talked to three people and all of them were very receptive and productive visits. Two of them, we are going to come back and see this Tuesday to teach. We are excited to see the fruit of our faith from that.

Sunday night we made a last second decision to try our eternal investigator. Logically there might have been a few better places to try, but something told me we should swing by. When we knocked the door our new investigator T~ answered and invited us in. It has been hard to meet with him because of his work schedule and how far away he lives. We had just happened to catch him over at the Busby's visiting family. Brother Busby was busy but asked us to visit with T~. We shared the doctrine of Christ and focused on the power of the Holy Ghost in our conversion. The spirit was strong and you could sense the hunger that T~ had to learn more. He is such a great example of faith and long-suffering. He has been through a lot these last two weeks, and it has been rough on him. We left him with a promise that if he would read the Book of Mormon and pray, his needs would be met. Keep him in your prayers.

Tomorrow we are having dinner at Oreo's, and we are going to be eating Venezuelan food. At church he explained to me that he has been investigating for about a year, but he hadn't been to church until three weeks ago when we first met him. His interest is growing every week. Sunday he and his wife stayed for all three hours of church! It was awesome.

We have found a lot of potential investigators this week, so next week will hopefully be filled with teaching new people. Keep praying for us!

I love you all. You're in my prayers.

Sincerely, Elder Watkins

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