Monday, July 13, 2015

Week 95

Its been a good week with some good progress.

H~ (Oreo is his nick name) was at church again with his wife! I think I told you about them last week. They are from Venezuela and just recently moved into the neighborhood by us. His wife is a member and they have only been married for a couple of years. He is Christian and is always looking for ways to grow his faith. It was really cool to watch him participate in the Gospel Principles class we teach at church. We taught the chapter Faith in Jesus Christ. It was one of the greatest classes we have ever had. Everybody was baring testimony and sharing their experiences with their faith. Oreo really enjoyed the class and added a lot of thought to the class. At the end of the class we got to talk to him and his wife a little bit more. He told us that his wife usually feed the missionaries from time to time. He told us she cooks really good Venezuelan food. We are really excited. We looked at our dinner calendar and they had signed up for next Monday! We will get to teach him in his home and eat really good food!

We got a new ward mission leader a couple of weeks ago, Brother Tezen from Guatemala! He is awesome! He is very organized and has a lot of good ideas to help the ward council. Last week we got to take him over to teach Br~. Br~ loves to talk and had a lot to share about his studies. It seems he gets tied up with the logic and analyzing it. We read about being focused on prayer and listening to the spirit through the Holy Ghost. We shared with him a few scripture out of Alma 32 and explained that the word must be planted in out heart and we have to nourish it first if we are to know if it is good and of God. Brother Tezen invited him to church and we bore testimony that it would help him get his answer. By the end he told us he would come one of these Sundays. It will be a big step for him.

This coming weekend Duncan is having a city wide yard sale for 3 straight days. It's suppose to be crazy! It will be good for proselyting and getting to talk with people on the streets!

Oh and I finished the Book of Mormon today! I'm excited to start again!

Elder Sheffield is my favorite! He is hilarious! It was funny the 12 o'clock tornado siren went off and Elder Sheffield freaked out. We all went with it and told him we had to get to a cellar. Haha we had him going a couple of minutes.

Every week is an adventure in the mission field! I love you all! Thank you for your letters and love!

Sincerely, Elder Watkins



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