Monday, February 17, 2014

Sunday Miracles (Week 22)

One of the miracles that we had this week was running into a PM family that wasn't on the ward roster. One of the active members in Wynnewood told us her son lived lived in the East part of town but didn't tell us exactly where. We decided to go out tracting in the East part of town and no one was answering the door, after knocking about 7 doors this guy answered the door we talked to him and he told us his name was J. We all looked at each other in bewilderment and said, "NO WAY". We had tracted right into her son. Miracle. It was pretty cool. We asked him if we could come back and share a message with his family, and he said yes! Yesterday (Sunday) we went back and tried knocking their door and they let us in. We talked to them for a good while. they have 2 twin boys that are 5 and a daughter that is 8. J's wife comes from a Methodist background. They are a great young family that needs the gospel. We taught J and his wife a restoration and it turned out that J had been baptized and holds the Aaronic priesthood, so when his family is baptized he can perform the baptisms. It will be legit.

Later that same night we went and taught the F~ family (B~'s family). It was awesome we answered there questions about the book of Mormon, read the introduction of the book of Mormon, and then watched the restoration video with them. The Spirit was super strong, and Bro Carter (the member that we took with us) bore his testimony. It was awesome! We invited them to church but B told us he works Sundays so he is going to try to work out his work schedule. We are praying hard for their family.

Also another highlight of the week was that we got to bash with an old drunk Indian that was a messianic-Jew. "JESUS WAS A JEW! NOT A CHRISTIAN! HE WAS BORN A JEW AND HE WILL COME BACK A JEW!" He was pretty crazy. He claimed that he had read the Book of Mormon and every time we told him he hadn't he would say,
Him: "YES I HAVE!"
Us: "Okay then what is it about?"
Us: Jesus Christ."
Him: "Well.. yeah BUT YOU HAVEN'T READ IT!"
Us: Yes we have."
Us: "Do I need to know that to go to Heaven?"
Us: {insert laughter here} "No we don't, read our tags."
It was pretty funny/crazy, he told us that if you murdered/robed someone you would still go to heaven. The apostasy is real everyone. The apostasy is real.
I have a little Sony sound recorder that I bought at Walmart that I've been recording all our crazy conversations with haha. 

Things are looking good for next week an the weather should be warming up. Bring out the bikes!
ZZZzzz. Flash photography wakes ya up pretty good

Elder Zeyer

Sincerely, Elder Watkins

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