Monday, February 24, 2014

Tracting....(Week 23)

This week has been... okay. We have been doing more tracting than teaching so time. goes. by. really. slow. But nonetheless we have still had some pretty cool miracles through out the week.
His Disciples

Elder Zeyer went up to OKC with the zone leaders on Thursday for a leadership meeting so me and Elder Linam went to Wynnewood and put in a good 4 hours of knocking doors. On one door we knocked, we were immediately invited in by this big 6 foot guy. We had a good chat with him, and said a prayer with him to bless his family and home. After the prayer we asked if there would be a good time for us to come back and share a message with his family. He said yes and asked us if we knew the Carters (members). Apparently he works with and knows their family really well (YES! a young solid family with friend in the church). We are going to see them sometime this week.

After that we knocked a door and no one answered, but as we were walking away from the door their car pulled into the driveway. The young father introduced himself and he seemed really nice, and then he told us he was the preacher at the Church of Christ. We told him about our message for families and he said he wanted to do a study with us (aka bash). We are going to meet with him sometime this week at his church. 

The next day (Friday) in Sulphur, we had one of the Elders from Ardmore on exchanges and we ran into an former investigator while we were walking to knock the next door. He pulled up in his truck and shouted at us. Apparently he was an investigator before I got here and he moved so the missionaries had lost contact. We had a good chat with him, and he is a really funny guy. Yesterday, (Sunday) we went over to his new house and visited with his family and read some scriptures out of the Book of Mormon on faith (Alma 32:41,42). They are a great family, and we hope to start teaching them this week.

Also at church we had over 80 people show up (Avg. 60), it was awesome. Tons of less actives came. progress is being made.

We didn't get to see the F~ family this week which was sad, but we have set things up for Wednesday to teach them the DOC (Doctrine of Christ).
I Miss Mountains

All is well and we are looking forward to this week. Sorry for the short letter.

Sincerely, Elder Watkins

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