Monday, February 3, 2014

Week 20


Craziness over here in Shawnee. 2 weeks ago W was admitted to the hospital for double pneumonia. She was there for about 5 days until the hospital released her. We called her the day she got back home and she did not sound good. We asked her who was with her to watch over her, she said her dogs and her Lord. Me and Elder Jenkins were both really worried about her. The next day her phone went straight to voice mail. Over the week we continued to try and make contact with her. Eventually a week and a half passed by, and we became really concerned. We were outside her house when we were about to call the police station and tell them about the situation, when a police car pulled around the corner. We waved him down and told him about the situation and he scoped the house from the outside. Her dogs were going nuts inside and her mail box had 2 weeks worth of mail in it. We continued to pray for her and the police to find out where she was and that she was still alive. A week passed after that when we were studying and I felt prompted to call her. The phone didn't go straight to voice mail, in fact W~ picked up the phone! Me and Elder Jenkins were so happy to hear from her. It turned out her brother took her to the Tulsa hospital and they discovered she still had a little bit pneumonia left in her lungs from after she got released from the hospital in Shawnee. On the phone she told me she had completely given up smoking and had finally said a prayer for herself to get help. The power of prayer is real my friends.

This week has been pretty slow for us. Yesterday I found out I'll be getting transferred to Paul's Valley (South), I'll be in a trio with two companions, Elder Linam and Elder Zyer. I'm super pumped!
BC Rogers gave me his ancient typewriter as a going away gift


On Saturday we (Zone Leaders and us) set up an activity for the Shawnee ward. We played 17 miracles on the projector in the gym. We turned it into a missionary work experience where members could invite their friends. It turned out alright and a ton of less actives showed up. 
17 Miracles

The Waddells

It's sad to leave Shawnee but I'm super excited to serve in Paul's Valley.
The planner cover I made for Elder Cutler

Sorry this Email is so short, more next week.

Sincerely, Elder Watkins

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