Monday, April 7, 2014

Bold Sauce! (Week 29)

General Conference was awesome! Where do I start? Elder Holland’s testimony was probably the highlight of the whole thing. Filled with Conviction and power Elder Holland's testimony pierced everyone to the core. Bold Sauce! My favorite talk had to be L. Tom Perry's Sunday Afternoon talk on Obedience and Faith. I loved when told the story of Abraham and Issac and went in to detail of all of the things Abraham had to go through to take his only son up the mountain to be sacrificed. I cannot imagine the pain our Heavenly Father felt to watch his only begotten son be crucified. I love the promise Elder Perry left us, that through our sacrifices and our faith the Lord will save us in his time. We all face difficult trials as we journey on the path back to our Father in heaven but through Christ's infinite Atonement he will lift us up and make our burdens light.

All of general conference was awesome! On Saturday we met B~, J~, and K~ at the church to watch the afternoon session. Me and my Companion sat in the back and watched. Every once and a while I could see J~ look over at B~ when something stood out to her. It was pretty cool, they really enjoyed it and learned a lot. After the afternoon session we went to Braum's and got banana splits (Hey dad B~ and J~ said Thank you!) We had a great time, while we were eating our ice cream B~ told us that He might be getting his shift changed soon so he can come to church. YEAH! and B~ and K~ even came to the Sunday Afternoon session! J~ was out of town and D~ was at a dress rehearsal for a school play (that we are going to on Tuesday). B~ and J~'s baptism date will most likely be on April 30th due to work complications. I'll keep ya posted.

Yesterday we finally made contact with a former investigator family J~ and T~. They loved the missionaries that use to visit with them, but it's pretty sad because the old missionaries mostly just hung out with them. In the rain on their porch we taught them a short restoration lesson and they loved it. It will be hard to meet with them because Sunday evening is the only time they can meet because they work long hours.

Things are going good here and this next week is going to be awesome! Love you all! Keep me posted.

Sincerely, Elder Watkins

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