Monday, April 14, 2014

Castles and Snakes (Week 30)

This week has been good. We have been finding a ton of new people to teach, Davis and Sulphur are full of work! We found a new family in Davis that are really solid, A~ and C~. We found them quite a while ago and it was really hard to catch them at a good time, but this week we taught them a restoration lesson on their porch. Me and my companion are both teaching with the new method of using the teaching pamphlets. It was awesome C~, the father was listening and focusing the whole time we were there. C~ has a lot of things in common with B~, so once B~ is baptized we will take him over there teaching with us.

Things are going really good for B~'s family. This week we taught them the law of tithing and earlier that day before we had even taught them the lesson B~ texted us and asked us if we could go over tithing and that he has a check ready to pay. It was crazy we hadn't told him anything about what we were going to teach them this week. It was an inspired lesson. We ate dinner at their house and then later the Carters came over for the lesson. It went really well in fact after the lesson B~ and J~ both got into a big casual conversation with Brother and Sister Carter (on taxes, haha me and my companion just sat and listened, most of it went over our heads. I am not excited to be a home owner..). It was good though and they are becoming good friends with all of the members. At the end of the lesson we talked about their baptism date and we told them that we feel prompted to make it sooner because they are ready, so B~ and J~ we be baptized on April 23rd, 2014. They are excited and so am I. J~ wants me to baptize her and B~ hasn't decided yet.

Other news: We did some work in Doughtry (a far away town of 100 people in the middle of the Arbuckle Hills). It's a really pretty area, but there isn't a lot of work to be done. We tried a couple of potentials and got stuck in a one-way conversation with an old man about horses. After we had left Doughtry we found a castle. It was pretty cool and we checked it out, then we found a big snake and ran off. Crazy Oklahoma stuff.  

Tornado season has officially started. Yesterday we got hit with a big thunder storm. It was pretty crazy stuff, but don't worry the tornadoes didn't touch down until the storm reached Ardmore and no one was hurt. This next week I will be in Ardmore for a couple of exchanges (last week we didn't get to do one), so hopefully the tornadoes are done with Ardmore for a while.

Anyways, sorry this letter isn't very long. Things look good for next week and we are all looking forward for April 23rd. I love you all! Keep me posted!

Sincerely, Elder Watkins

 The Castle (you can see Elder Memmott in the background lol)

Tornado season is here

"The Churches of Paul's Valley welcome you" 

Brother Hill showing us his crazy stamp collection.

Goodbye Elder and Sister Fairborne we are going to miss you! 
Elder and Sister Reed are the new branch senior missionaries.

 Inside the Castle.

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