Monday, April 28, 2014

B~ and J~'s Baptism! (Week 32)

This week has been awesome. B~ and J~ got baptized and confirmed members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Tons of people showed up to the baptism, and even the mission president came! For the baptismal service J~ asked Sister Boger to give a talk on Baptism. It was awesome, she even gave B~ a True to the Faith book (which he was wanting to get). It was pretty amazing! B~ was baptized first by Elder Memmott and then I baptized J~. The spirit was so strong you could just feel joy fill the room as they came up from the water. Their desire to follow the Savior is so strong. After they were baptized we listened to Brother Pletcher give a talk on the gift of Holy Ghost and then Elder Linam and Elder Zeyer confirmed the gift of the Holy Ghost on them. It was awesome, right after they were confirmed I had a mini flash back of their progress. They have grown so much and this is just the beginning, they are going to bless so many people's lives as members. After the branch gave special welcomes, B~ and J~ bore their testimonies. So powerful. J's testimony of the restored gospel is so strong. B~ talked about the blessings he has experienced as he has investigated the gospel and he also told the story of how we door knocked into them while he was blasting his country music (He loves telling the story). I don't know if I said it already but they are going to make amazing members.

 (L to R) Elder Zayer, Elder Memmott, D~, B~, C~, J~, Elder Watkins, Elder Linam

Now we are just helping their two boys gain testimonies of their own.

Other than the amazing baptism, this week has been good. We are beginning to work with two solid investigators who are part member teaching situations. One is the mother of a member in Sulphur who has had a hard time with health problems. She came to church this week and loved it. Her daughter Sister C~ is the primary president and all of the primary kids helped her get around the building. Every time we saw her she had a huge smile on her face. The other investigator is the new boyfriend of Sister R~ and has been to church twice. The more we talk to him the more interested in the gospel he sounds. We haven't taught him yet because he lives out in Elmore City (the outskirts of our area) but we are teaching him this week on Wednesday!

In other news, we got word that on Wednesday we are going to be a trio again! No more mega desk :( and no more apartment space :/. His name is Elder Durham and no one knows much about him so I guess we will find out more about him on Wednesday.

This branch has grown so much since I got here it's crazy, the branch has had 10 baptisms just in this month. Seven baptisms is good for the branch for a year. At this rate this branch will be a ward in two more months, maybe less. We just gotta keep the ball rolling. Miracles are afoot. This next week is going to be great! Trio! Yuh! I love you all, keep me posted!

Sincerely, Elder Watkins

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