Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Elk Mountain (Week 83)

Sorry that this email didn't arrive yesterday. We did a big service project down in Waurika for a member and then we had zone p-day in Lawton and then a STM (Specialized Training Meeting) at the stake center. So we are emailing today instead. Yesterday for p-day we hiked Elk Mountain as a zone. Even though they were smaller mountains, we had tons of fun. I'll send some pictures.

This week has been really good. We had two really good lessons with the B~ family, one with the Bishop and the other with Sister Mikesell. Lately we have been really focusing on the sacrament and the importance of church attendance. Sister B~ can be nervous around groups of people she doesn't know so we are helping her build friendships with some of the sisters in the ward. They were planning on coming to church last Sunday and they were so close, but everything piled up on them and they couldn't come. They want to come to church so bad though. they are one of the busiest families I have met. Keep them in your prayers.

We got a new investigator this week. Br~ is the father of a small family that he and his wife home school. He is very spiritual and loves the constitution of our country. I have met a lot of people who
know the Bible like the back of their hand, and he is definitely one of them. He loves the church and knows a lot of members from living in St. George. He's also close friends with an active member family that home schools their children as well. During our first visit he did most of the talking but we taught him a lot of restored truths. He is really interested in learning more about our faith (has already read half of the Book of Mormon). He is sincere and honest in wanting to visit with us in finding the truth, which is making us super excited to teach him again. He is super super smart. So we will have to listen very carefully to the spirit so we teach simply and powerfully, and study hard so we can answer some of his deep questions. We are excited to teach him again this week.

Sorry for the short email we are running out of time. I love you all! Have a wonderful week!

Sincerely, Elder Watkins

Elk Mountain Hike



Cool Lizard

Along the trail

Boulder Hopping



Jenga Restoration


I had seen other ways missionaries taught object lessons using jenga blocks, so
me and Elder Matthew's put together a restoration lesson.
Me and Elder Hoops have perfected our jenga restoration lesson.

This is what the investigator has to end with removing all the 
Apostles and the two foundation pieces Apostles and Prophets. It's
basically impossible without knocking it over. If they get there then
you read the wind of doctrine scripture from Ephesians and blow it over. :)

While they are trying to rebuild it exactly as it was made you branch
off and start building other churches with some of these blocks.

Once they give up from all of the chaos you teach the Joseph Smith
story and the restoration. Next you walk them through the construction of
Christ's church flipping the Apostle blocks to show the modern day Apostles.

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