Monday, April 27, 2015

Ponca-Shawnee-Davis (Week 84)

These last few days have been crazy.

On Sunday (the 19th) I was fasting because I didn't get (forgot..) to fast the week before (Having general conference got me all mixed up) I know I'm dumb, but I feel that it was inspired because later that morning before church I got an alarming text message from the Ponca City Elders that Carri was super depressed and didn't want her baptism to be announced for Saturday at church. My heart sank, but I realized I was fasting so I dedicated my fast to Carri.

Later on Wednesday I got a phone call with Elder Matthew on the other line, "Hey Elder Watkins Carri wants to ask you something..." Then Carri, "Elder Watkins I want to invite you to my baptism this Saturday, can you come?" You have no idea how happy I was at that moment, off the walls, off the charts, my response: "Of course I would love to!"

Everything worked out perfect because Elder Quinney had a baptism the next day in Shawnee. So we got it approved with president to go on exchanges and go to Carri's baptism in Ponca City on Saturday and then go to the Shawnee baptism on Sunday. President Walkenhorst is awesome!

It was a 3 hour drive from Duncan to Ponca City. We got there and the service was great. There were so many people there we had to have the service in the chapel. Sister Weatherly (One of Carri's close member friends) gave a talk on baptism, and the relief society president gave the talk of the gift of the holy ghost. When I got into the water for the baptism, you can probably guess, the water was freezing... Nope it was scolding hot. At first I just walked  right on in like it was no big deal, but then my eyes widened a bit. Yeah, it was hot. Elder Matthews turned on some cold water to cool it down. We had a lot of extra water in the font, but it was still pretty warm haha. Carri was baptized and everything was great. You could see her countenance change as she was filled with a new desire to follow Christ and endure to the end. I'm so excited for her to begin this new life fresh and clean.

The baptism in Shawnee was also great! we had to use the chapel there at well. I got to spend the night at Elder Corbin's apartment (one of my best friend from home), so it was fun to visit with him. This is his last transfer so he goes home May 13th.

As we were traveling back to Duncan from Shawnee I realized how close Davis was in our trip and I kept thinking about the Fultz family (recent converts from last year). I called president and asked him if I could have permission to visit with Jennie Fultz on our way back to Duncan. The Fultz family have been going through some complicated and difficult trials. President gave me permission and I was able to visit with Jennie and the boys. I love their family and miss them so much. Me and Elder Quinney left Jennie with the commitment to prayerfully study 1 Nephi chapter 8 and look for answers. The whole trip was a huge blessing and I know that God has his hand in all of it.

We had a really good lesson with Brett (really smart Bible-Constitution guy) this week. We answered a lot of his questions and talked a lot about the organization of Jesus Christ's original church. We taught him the restoration with the Jenga Blocks and he and his kids really enjoyed it. He is awesome and is studying a ton!

Well I'm out of time! I love you all! Have a wonderful week!

Sincerely, Elder Watkins

Me, Elder Matthews, Carri, and Elder Quinney

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