Monday, August 10, 2015

August Rush (Week 99)

This coming transfer is looking good. I'm so excited for this final stretch. I can't wait to see the miracles that lay ahead. It's going to be crazy. The zone leaders gave me the crazy plans for the transfer on Wednesday night. We have a LTM (Leadership Training Meeting) in Moore, a temple trip in Yukon, and an STM in Lawton. And all of this is happening within the next two weeks. Craziness. I'm excited to have two temple trips this transfer, it feels like forever since we went last.

Training is going well. Last night me and Elder Sheffield had a good talk about seeing others as what they can become, especially when it comes to talking to people at the door or on the street. He seems to get a little down or discouraged from tracting and finding. We talked about how every positive contact people have with us gets them closer to hearing the gospel. That's the joy of talking to everyone. We don't always know the point when that will happen so we have to have faith that God is leading us to those who are searching.

Okay where do I start, A'ight we had a church tour with J~l and we were able to get Sister Foreman to join us in giving the tour. It was such an amazing tour, Sister Foreman was great; in fact, she did most of the tour. She connected with her really well and was able to answer questions that fellow mothers could answer. It was neat to see J~'s smile as we stood in the chapel. She recognized the spirit in the chapel and told us she would save her questions for after we exited the chapel. Haha she is awesome. She is excited to come to church this coming Sunday. After the tour and after we had walked her to the lobby, she left and we went about turning off the a/c and what not when she came back inside and thanked us for taking our time to teach her. She is so wonderful and sincere.

Last week's tracting and finding paid off. We got four new investigators which is really good for this area. Me and Elder Sheffield are delighting in the tiny victories the Lord helps us achieve every week. This area has grown a lot over the last four months and things are only looking better.

For district meeting we all held council together as a district and set some good goals as a district and established some expectations. We are all going to be working on being more diligent in finding and setting baptismal dates.

Thank you for you support and love! Remember to read the scriptures today!

Sincerely, Elder Watkins

The Duncan District (Elder's Sheffield, Norman and Quinney)

Elder Sheffield making a mess in our kitchen ;)

Its only begun

Planner Cover?

An old wedding chapel in Marlow's park

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