Monday, August 3, 2015

Week 98

This week was a little slow, but it was good.

This week we got to teach a full lesson with J~. Which was a mess at first, but it's all pretty funny looking back. We arranged to meet at the library for the discussion, because she felt a little self-conscious about it being messy inside her house. I assumed that meeting at the library would work out great because I had done it all of the time in Shawnee and Ponca City, and it had been a great, peaceful atmosphere for teaching lessons. Well we got to the library 10 minutes early and asked if we could use one of the glass rooms. It turns out it's library policy that no political, social, or religious group is allowed to hold discussions in the library. Yeah... I don't feel like that's right but whatever. Me and Elder Sheffield quickly counseled what we should do. We felt inspired to have the discussion at the church since J~ hadn't been to the building yet. We gave her a call, met her outside the library, and had her follow us to the church. Okay so we are almost there and it occurred to me that there wouldn't be a third male at the church and President just so happened to be meeting the district at the church for interviews right around when we would get finished with our discussion with J~. Yeah, awkward situation. I said a little prayer in my heart if this was alright, and I felt that this was all inspired. One of those higher law moments.

The discussion went great and we we're able to help J~ better understand the plan of salvation and the atonement. At the end of the discussion she asked if there was a way she could get a copy of the plan of salvation lay out. Neither of us had any picture copies of it on hand so later that week we came by her house to drop off a copy of the illustrated layout I had drawn earlier in my mission. Her teenage sons answered the door and J~ asked us to come in. Haha really? It wasn't a mess at all. It was all very ironic. Inside their house we were able to watch a Mormon Message with one of her twin sons and invite him to browse the church's website. This coming week we are going to do a full church tour with her and possibly her sons.

We weren't able to have dinner with our investigators D~ and C~, because they had a last second show come up that he performed down in Dallas. They are rescheduling for this week though.

We have dinner with our Venezuelan part member family again this Thursday so that should be good.

This week we weren't able to do a lot of teaching so we really focused on finding. We have 5 or 6 solid appointments this week for teaching new investigators so it should be a great week!

In other good news president decided that our area should keep the car! Yeah for work in Marlow!

Last night we got transfer calls, Elder Nelson is going home to Wyoming and we are getting Elder Normon!! I'm super excited! I served in the Enid zone with him while he was getting trained. I'm going to be District Leader for my last transfer. I'm hoping to do my best to help this district before I leave.

Thank you for you support! I love you!

Sincerely, Elder Watkins

Elder Sheffield took this one. This is "some" of our investigators
goats. He took this picture right as one goat was ramming another.

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