Monday, August 31, 2015

Construction Junction (Week 102)

This week has been most excellent. We were blessed to help a lot of people with service planned and unplanned, which has lead us to some good teaching opportunities.

Tuesday we did our weekly service at goodwill. Wednesday we helped our less active member at a job site he had been working on. It was inspiration that we called help him because he had been doing the job by himself and technically he Isn't suppose to be working because of his health. We got there just in time to help him dry wall the trickiest part of the ceiling. I wish I had gotten a picture of how we got the dry wall up. Craziness! Thursday afternoon we had some of our appointments cancel so we decided to swing by and help T~ our investigator (who also should not be working because of his health and injury from the military) at his motel maintenance job. We did some weeding in the garden beds and painted one of the bathrooms he repaired. He's still going through a really rough time with his family and finances. After we finished painting we took a break and got to visit with him for a bit. We found out that one of his goals is to eventually quit smoking. We explained to him the program we share as missionaries to help people overcome their addictions and his eyes lit up with excitement. He wants us to walk him through the program as soon as he gets a day off. He is so awesome.

Saturday we helped out a member family in our ward build the frame for their sons tree house. SO MUCH FUN. We did pretty good for the resources we had. We used the salvaged wood from the old garage we tore down (I think I emailed a picture of it a few months back). A lot of the wood was warped but we were able to clap it down and pull it all together.

Sunday, okay this one was crazy. So we have a part member family. Really the whole story is really long and complicated, so I will spare you. They were going to get a divorce a week after their son had his birthday (last Saturday) But things escalated and we got a call during the 3rd hour of church that she was getting kicked out of her house. Thankfully because it was the 5th Sunday we had Priesthood, Relief Society, Young Men, and Young Women altogether in the chapel. We notified the Elder's Quorum President and he made an announcement after the meeting. It was amazing 25+ members came with us to help move her out. It really helped Sister J~ realize how much the ward loves and misses her. I know this change will be for the best. She will be able to freely practice her faith now and share it with her son.

As for teaching we had a solid lesson with Oreo, Br~, D~, and T~. D~ should be coming to church this coming Sunday. Tonight we are having a family home evening with Oreo and his wife after dinner. Hopefully it's Venezuelan food again.

Well I'm out of time! I love you all see you in 2. ;)

Sincerely, Elder Watkins


 Dry Walling



My son Elder Sheffield

The Treehouse

Elder Norman in the Jeep

Driving back from helping Sister J~ move her stuff to Marlow: Chillin in the back of the EQP's Jeep.

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